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We will get back to you as soon as possible! Do not hesitate to ask for a quote! To receive an accurate quotation of your design, do attach the image you want it to be printed onto the t shirt and specify the size of the print.

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Why MonsterPrints?

All the services and packages by MonsterPrints Singapore are all inclusive packages, consisting of the product and the value added services such as the t shirt and the design & printing services, delivery for orders over 20pcs will be absolutely free of charge right to your doorstep! We will uphold our core values & integrity to provide you with professional advice on which type of service will best suit your product needs, such as silkscreen or heatpress, which is a very common question for customers who have minimal research and experience on t shirt printing, the advantages & disadvantages of both silkscreen and heatpress t shirt printing methods. Everyone in our team are fully equipped with the knowledge to provide you with professional advice on t shirt printing and designing/imaging of your t shirt artwork. We do hope to bring your ideas to life onto a t shirt with our skills and services.

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Materialise your ideas onto T shirts! Need a specially designed t shirt for an event or for your company? Monsterprints is the go to t shirt printing store! Other than providing quality t shirt printing at an affordable price, our team of designers can assist you with any form of design issues, furthermore we create your dream tshirt design as well! Simply contact us and let us know what ideas you have in mind for your t shirt and we will work on it to provide you with the ideal t-shirt with your desired print. We provide a wide range of tshirt colours and print colours for you to  choose from. Every T shirt from us is professional printed by the team itself with strict quality checks. Satisfaction guaranteed so wait no longer, contact your us, your friendly tshirt maker to get a quotation or design assistance!