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Fully customizable from the many preset styles specially designed to suit your professional image. At MonsterPrints we have the knowledge and expertise to work work with both garments made from woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. Having developed strong relationship with textile manufacturers, we are able to customize most patterns or fabric to meet all your organization needs and branding requirements. Printing your company’s logo ontop of the shirt will be the cherry on top that completes the whole look, bringing about your brand identity wherever you go!



– All t shirt printing / t shirts prices stated are NOT subjected to GST, unless otherwise stated
– All t shirt printing / t shirt prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
– A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the order of the printing 
– All cheques are made payable to HUSTLERORIGINAL PTE LTD
– Deposit can be made via bank transfer to POSB savings Acc 063-66750-1
– All t shirt printing prices are strictly fixed and non-negotiable.
– All services prices quoted do not include delivery unless stated otherwise
– The balance 50% payment is to be made in cash strictly upon collection or prior to delivery made
– 50% Deposit will be forfeited upon cancellation after 24hours of deposit made
– In case of any additional printing requests on the t shirt will be chargeable
– No return of t shirts after delivery
– No refund for the t shirts once deposit is made

t shirt printing
t shirt printing
t shirt printing


Of all the different techniques used to brand apparel and t shirts the two most preferred methods are embroidery and screen printing. We are asked this often by customers so we explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Embroidery uses thread to embroider/sew your design directly onto the t shirt fabric, uses thread to create patches that can then be sewn by you onto your t shirts and/or accessories.

Embroidery on t shirts is preferred by corporate companies and small businesses alike for their t shirts and uniforms, since it looks more professional on aprons, robes, suits and casual wear. Embroidery can also be done on bags, towels, robes, dress shirts, suit coats, and many other items.

Embroidery can be put on a wide variety of materials. In addition, many companies charge a setup fee called digitizing. This process is basically converting an image into a file that the robotic machinery can read and is normally just a one-time fee. This explains why small orders are far more expensive than large orders on a per item basis.


  • Gives the t shirt a professional appearance
  • Can be put on a wide variety of materials
  • Lasts longer than most other print methods
  • Can be washed/laundered just like the garment/t shirt it’s on.
  • Large amount of colors are available to be done on t shirts


  • Expensive on lower quantities of t shirts
  • Cannot layer colors because the t shirt will become bulky and heavy
  • The print is stiff and not as precise
  • The print does not breathe well and may provoke sweating


Cant wait to see your design! So share with us your idea and let’s brainstorm together!


Do you have a design concept for your T shirt? Let us materialize your ideas onto T shirts, call us now or leave a message via email, or any of our social media!


Let us generate more ideas and solutions to create your ideal T-shirt. we can even assist you with editing if you need any help! We are able to help you with design and imaging assistance.


This is where our team work their magic, transforming basic T shirts into high quality & professional works of art!


Vuola! Your dream t-shirt is complete! Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Singapore for orders over 20pcs! Be sure to hit a like on our social media if you like the shirts!

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