High Quality Reusable Face Masks

A wide range of cloth face masks available for customized face mask printing with your design and logos.

FM01 Re-Usable Mask 2ply Mask

MOQ 50pcs

  • High Quality Polyester Fabric
  • Neat Stitching
  • Standard Adult Size¬†
  • Breathable and Comfortable¬†
  • 2layer cloth protection
  • Packaging in sets of 10pcs
customised face mask printing FM01


FM02 Re-Usable Mask 3ply

MOQ 100pcs

  • MeltBlown Fabric; BFE up to 95%
  • Adjustable Ear Loop available
  • Nose wire add-on available
  • Breathable, Washable, Sustainable
reusable face mask printing

Effectiveness of 1ply, 2ply, 3pl mask

Experiment by UNSW Sydney

In this short experiment, you can clearly see the effectiveness of any form of facemask, even with 1 layer of cloth would greatly reduce the amount of droplets expelled from your nose and mouth. Therefore we highly recommend the usage of masks even after the pandemic especially in highly crowded areas to reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

watch video to see the effectiveness of 1-3ply masks & surgical masks. read up more HERE

COVID19 virus
cloth face mask printing 1.png

FM04 Re-Usable Mask (aka NDP MASK)

MOQ 300pcs

  • Quick Dry Wicking¬† Polyester¬†
  • Melt Blown Polypropylene 95% filtration
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Breathable and Comfortable¬†
NDP mask printing colours scaled.jpg

Facemask Pouch MB18

  • Water proof innerlayer
  • Zip Design for easy Access¬†
  • Perfect fit for all kinds of surgical and cloth face mask
MB18 pouch.jpg
mask pouch water proof-2.jpg

Silkscreen Printing for Masks 

For 1coloured logos, silkscreen printing will be the most cost effective. Detailed & sharp printing method for masks.

customized face mask printing AMKTC

Heat Transfer Printing for Masks

For mult-coloured logos with complex designs that cannot be achieved with silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing method is the way to go! no limits to the intricacy of your logo design.


for Masks

For full coloured designs with embroidered logos. 

customized face mask printing FM03 science center

Sublimation Printing for Masks  

For full coloured designs with printing to the edge of the mask. No colour/design limitations. Higher MOQ required.

When should you use cloth face masks?

It is a known fact that cloth face masks and DIY face masks do not provide as much protection as N95 masks. However such cloth masks are much more suitable for everyday usage as it is reusable, sustainable and much more environmentally friendly. You can use cloth face masks for everyday usage in public areas and at work when you are feeling healthy.

When should you NOT use cloth face masks?

You should not use cloth masks or any other DIY face masks when you are feeling sick. You should wear proper surgical / N95 masks to properly prevent yourself from potentially spreading any viruses or bacteria to another person. You should also not use such masks when entering high risk areas such as hospitals and quarantine zones.