This weekend let’s take a quick look at this small, cozy and humble gym run by four personal trainers, Physique Studio. Located in the heart of the central business district, a great location for all working in the area to get a quick workout in even during lunch hours!

Be it weight loss, sculpting or building up a desired bod, they are driven to help you achieve the ideal body that you are looking for.

Physique Studio T-shirt

Physique studio approached us to help with some printing on t-shirts so they can look more like a team of individuals working together to improve physical health of their clients.
Their product of choice? Under armour branded t-shirts, cotton based t-shirts that lacked a little personal branding outside of Under armour itself. So the team had us print their logo onto the t-shirt’s front and back side. A few options were considered, but the two final options were selected. Printed on a light grey and a dark heather Under armour t-shirt, the colour of the logos were selected to be dark red and white respectively.

Print Method

Silk screen printing for this job was the easy decision to make. Screen printing with plastisol ink allows for a more durable print finish, with allowance and durable to light stretches. Suitable for workout gear, and for the trainers at Physique Studio to carry out their daily training sessions and demonstrations with ease without worrying much about wear and tear too soon.


This weekend we went over for a visit (not empty handed) for our free workout session in the gym, we gifted them with a new t-shirt! A black based cotton t-shirt with their logo printed, but this time with a special reflective heat transfer. Such a print will definitely stand out not only in the night, but also in the day as long as there is a strong direct light source like a camera flash! Just have a look at the pictures taken below. Definitely a print method to consider when producing some t-shirts yourself in the future!