Best T-shirt Brands For Your Customization

If you’re beginning a high-end jersey line or simply searching for nice quality t shirts that keep their color, are sturdy for years and have soft materials that won’t frill or itch.

Consider these five Quality T-shirts as a number of the most effective material to use once printing a premium t-shirts line.

Finding the quality and fit that you desire is definitely not a simple task. For us, we at monsterprints have done our own research, tested, printed and even worn the different brands out there available for our consumers. We even consider ourselves as consumers of the products we sell, who doesn’t need a couple of printed or blank t-shirts in their wardrobe anyway?

This is a list of TOP 5 brands that are available for you to customize and print your t-shirts in no particular order!

oren sport logo png

OrenSport Jerseys & Uniforms

You’ve probably heard or seen this brand already.Founded in 1995, Oren Sport has become the leading manufacturer and supplier for uniforms and apparels in Malaysia and Singapore. Though one of the most popular and well known brands out there, some may be weary of the lack of premium quality blank t-shirts provided by them. 

Realising their lack of supply for the market’s demand for higher quality blank t-shirts, Oren Sport has since released blank t-shirts in 3 different ranges of quality and fabric weight (160, 180, and 200gsm) 

Their newly released Superior Cotton in 2018 at 180gsm was a hit with both resellers and consumers. Being a higher quality range with a thicker cotton material, still keeping it cool being at only 180gsm. definitely one of the top picks in 2019!

Gildan logo

Gildan Blanks & T-Shirts

Gildan T-shirts, probably the world’s most well known brand has also reached the shores of Singapore. Made well known by many name brand street wear companies around the world by simply printing their name brand on the blanks and putting it on the shelves for sale. 

Gildan Premium Cotton 76000, their main line of blank t-shirts that are ever so popular comes in a wide variety of colours that attracts many screen printers and customers, as you can surely find a colour that suits your style and requirements. Although its name suggests “premium” there has been some negative feedback on their quality and fit, such is extreme shrinkage and uncomfortable feel after few washes. 

On the other hand, Gildan is very well known for their high quality hoodies and sweatshirts receiving praise from many consumers all around the world. There is no denying that the Gildan brand is the way to go if you are looking for high quality fleece!


ULTIFRESH Active Wear 

Though fairly new in the market, UltiFresh comes in with a big bang. Taking the standard of ready made customizable t-shirts and apparels to the next level in terms of quality, style, and technology! Boasting their patented fabric technology that not only kills unwanted bacteria, but also keeping the user free from any bad odor! According to UltiFresh, this new technology can be integrated into any fabric without altering the look and hand-feel of the apparel.

Their newly released range of blank round neck t-shirts in both cotton (USS01) and polyester (UDF01) material boasts a large variety of colours that will surely suit your requirements!

fruitof the loom

Fruit of The Loom

Most famously known for their blank t-shirts and fleece range, Fruit of The Loom provides quality range blanks for distributors and resellers all over the world. Born in America, the brand has grown and cemented firm foundations in the Europe market for over 30years. 

The soft premium t-shirt, helm of the brand, is 100% cotton at 185gsm provides extra soft comfort and feel to the wearer. Extremely popular in the Europe market for being the go-to blank t-shirt to wear during summer and even as inner wear in cooler seasons.


FourSquare Malaysia

May not be the top choice for consumers here in Singapore, FourSquare is a very well known brand in Malaysia, for being one of the most affordable ready stock blank t-shirt brands available. Although being basic in terms of quality and affordability, like OrenSport, FourSquare has recently released their “signature range”. A higher quality cotton fabric at 190gsm, giving their loyal customers a premium option if they so require. 

Still the most popular range is their basic 160gsm cotton blank t-shirt, with a wide variety of colours and its accessible distribution channels throughout the whole country of malaysia, it is no surprise that it is one of the top contenders for the market share that OrenSport tries to conquer.