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Tote Bags – An Environmentally Friendly Trend

People are switching to using environmentally friendly tote bags because they are currently in trend. Not only do they want to change the world, but they look great too. But what is a customised tote bag?

Bags that have parallel handles that emerge from the inside are known as totes. They are typically big and either open (which is more typical) or fastened at the top. Here at Monster Prints, you will find a wide range of design options for customised tote bags available in different sizes.

TB02 Premium 12oz Cotton Canvas Totebags 

Special Offer for 1colour print
(1week lead time)

QTY Price (SGD)
50 6.00
100 4.50
200 3.60
300 3.50
500 3.20
1000 2.80


TB02 A3 canvas totebag

Cotton Canvas Totebags

canvas tote bag

Denim Totebags A3 size

A4 Size Non Woven
TOTEBAGS 1 1200x1684.
A4 Ultra Sonic Finish
TOTEBAGS 2 1200x1684
A4 Multi Colour
TOTEBAGS 3 1200x1683
A3 Size Non Woven
TOTEBAGS 4 1200x1683
A3 Ultra Sonic Finish
TOTEBAGS 5 1200x1684
A3 Multi Colour
OTEBAGS 6 1200x1684

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Custom Tote bag Printing.

How Should I Print Tote Bags?

There are a lot of ways to customise your totebag printing. Common methods are silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, and occasionally embroidery.

Silkscreen printing for Customised Tote Bag Singapore is usually done in 1 to 2, at most 3 colours. while transfer printing is for multi-colour designs such as full-picture transfers.

Get Your Tote Bag Printed!

Follow these steps to get your ideal Tote Bags printed! Cant wait to see your design! So share with us your idea and let’s brainstorm together!



Do you have a design concept for your T shirt? Let us materialize your ideas onto T shirt, call us now or leave a message via email, or any of our social media! test



Let us generate more ideas and solutions to create your ideal T-shirt. we can even assist you with editing if you need any help! We are able to help you with design and imaging assistance.



This is where our team work their magic, transforming basic T shirt into high quality & professional works of art!



Voila! Your dream t-shirt is complete! Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Singapore for orders over 200pcs! Be sure to hit a like on our social media if you like the shirt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are customised tote bags so popular?

Consumers are starting to become more environmentally conscious. Tote bags also help people to reduce the use of plastic. Along with the additional surcharges in supermarkets, they have become a popular alternative to plastic bags.

How are the custom designs printed on the fabric?

Monster Prints uses various methods such as heat transfer and screen printing to print designs on fabric. With screen printing, we use a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee to transfer your unique designs onto the fabric with precision and durability.


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