The bomber jacket is becoming one of the most popular outerwear styles of today which was actually origially worn by the military. A very successful crossover as a staple of a fashionable outerwear. Bomber jackets in fact isn’t really a trend, but actually a timeless wardrobe essential that never gets old.

Here in Singapore, despite our scorching all year round summer, it is not surprising that you can still find some people rocking the bomber jacket when you walk through the mall or the streets of orchard road. The bomber jacket really seems to be a one of our singaporean favourites when it comes to outerwear second to maybe only the hoodies.

However you may find it hard to get some customized bomber jackets in singapore as not many screen printers or t-shirt printers carry such products.

We are happy to announce that monsterprints a currently carrying plain bomber jackets for your consideration to do custom printing on them. It is great for team jackets especially for performers, or maybe a new way for corporate staff to keep themselves warm in the office, or maybe start your own clothing brand!


There are 4 colours available for our selection of bomber jackets, black, navy, khaki green and orange. Classic colours easy to match with almost every style of fashion you rock. Made with a special polyester bland that is thin and much breathable than most conventional outerwear.

Customized Bomber Jacket Printing

The most common method to decorate your bomber jackets with your logos is to have them embroidered. The embroidered logo not only gives your bomber jacket a premium feel but also allows the logo to last much longer to wear and tear. Common areas for embroidery are the front left/right chest, the upper part of the sleeve just below the shoulders, and sometimes at the back.

Another method to decorate your bomber jackets is to have your graphics or texts to be printed on with heat transfer vinyls. Heat transfer vinyls can also easy help you in printing personalized texts individual names or numbers very commonly done for sports teams or dance groups.
If you are looking to produce and print some customized bomber jackets, look no further check out our range of hoodies, jackets and now bomber jackets here!