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Why MonsterPrints?

All the services and packages by MonsterPrints Singapore are all inclusive packages, consisting of the product and the value added services such as the t shirt and the design & printing services! We will uphold our core values and integrity to provide you with professional advice on which type of service will best suit your product needs, such as silkscreen or heatpress, which is a very common question for customers who have minimal research and experience on t shirt printing, the advantages and disadvantages of both silkscreen and heatpress t shirt printing methods. Everyone in our team are fully equipped with the knowledge to provide you with professional advice on t shirt printing and designing/imaging of your t shirt artwork. We do hope to bring your ideas to life onto a t shirt with our skills and services.

Which t shirt printing method suits my design?

There are so many ways you can print your t shirt, such as silkscreen, heat transfer, embroidery, direct to garment t shirt printing and many more! You might not know what is best for you, and that’s where we come in! Here at MonsterPrints Singapore, we provide 2 of the best t shirt printing methods available out there, silkscreen and heat transfer. Both have its own benefits and reason why you would want to proceed with that method to print your shirt, and we will do our best in recommending the best method that suits your t shirt design idea.

How to order t shirts with MonsterPrints?

Simply email us or even call us and we will respond as soon as you click “SEND”. Provide us with your design, t shirt colour, quantity and we will revert back to you to advice which method of t shirt printing will suit you best. If you require any help in design/imaging make sure to let us know and we will try our very best to create what you are trying to achieve! Even a snapshot or any picture, we can transform it onto a t shirt! Just like MAGIC! can’t visualize the t shirt through email and phone conversation? simple call us to book an appointment with us and we can brainstorm over a cup of coffee anywhere at bukit batok!

Get Your T Shirt Printed!

Follow these steps to get your ideal t shirt printed! Cant wait to see your design!

So share with us your idea and let’s brainstorm together!


Do you have a design concept for your T shirt? Let us materialize your ideas onto T shirt, call us now or leave a message via email, or any of our social media! test



Let us generate more ideas and solutions to create your ideal T-shirt. we can even assist you with editing if you need any help! We are able to help you with design and imaging assistance.


This is where our team work their magic, transforming basic T shirt into high quality & professional works of art!


Voila! Your dream t-shirt is complete! Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Singapore for orders over 200pcs! Be sure to hit a like on our social media if you like the shirt!

Get your custom print today!