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In the winter season, windbreakers are the ones that keep us warm. At Monster Prints, we offer services for custom windbreaker and jacket printing in Singapore at good quality and affordable prices. Our customers love the quality of our custom windbreakers because they keep them warm and comfortable. We also offer customised jackets in Singapore in reversible style, which means you can quickly flip them inside out and wear them when you want a change in your style!

Reasons to Choose Custom Windbreaker Printing

Express Your Style: Custom windbreaker printing offers a blank canvas to showcase your style. You can design a jacket that reflects your personality and fashion preferences by choosing your patterns, colours, and designs.

Effective Brand Promotion: Custom windbreakers are powerful tools for promoting brands, whether they are corporate or not. Distinctive logos, taglines, or artwork can help to enhance brand visibility and establish a strong, cohesive identity.

Thoughtful Gifts: A custom windbreaker as a gift becomes a memorable and heartfelt gesture when you include personal elements like the recipient’s name, favourite colours, or meaningful symbols.

Practicality and Functionality: Custom services for jacket printing in Singapore cater to specific needs or activities. You can pick windbreakers with extra pockets, adjustable hoods, or breathable materials, ensuring that functionality meets style.

SS10 Zipped Hoodie

hoodie printing
SS10 zipped hoodie

SS14 Hoodie

Hoodie printing
SS14 hoodie without zip

UVJ Bomber Jacket

UVJ 01
UVJ01 bomber jacket size chart

WB06 Windbreaker


WB05 Windbreaker

WB05 windbreaker

WB06 Windbreaker

WB06 windbreaker sizechart

WR01 Reversible Windbreaker

WR01 reversible windbreaker

WR03 Reversible Windbreaker

WR03 reversible windbreaker

WR04 Reversible Windbreaker

WR04 reversible windbreaker

UVJ05 Varsity Jacket

varsity jacket printing
varsity jacket printing

Gildan Hoodie

hoodie printing
hoodie printing

Gildan Zipped Hoodie

hoodie printing
hoodie printing

Gildan Pullover Sweatshirt

jacket printing
pullover size chart

UJ12B Bomber jacket

bomber jacket UJ12B scaled
UJ12B bomber jacket size chart

UJ05B Bomber jacket

bomber jacket UJ05B
UJ12B bomber jacket size chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having jackets customized in Singapore?

Customised jackets in Singapore offer numerous benefits. They let you show off your unique style, boost your brand identity, and promote unity within teams or groups.

Are customised windbreakers a good fit for group orders or events?

Absolutely! For team outfits, events, and bulk orders, a custom windbreaker in Singapore is the ideal choice. They increase brand recognition, promote unity, and leave attendees with lasting memories of the event.

What customization choices are available at Monster Prints for windbreakers?

There are many different ways to customize items at Monster Prints. To suit your particular requirements, you can select from a variety of colours, add logos, text, or artwork, as well as pick different sizes and/or quantities.


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