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CT51 160gsm T Shirt
CT60 180gsm T Shirt
CT71 200gsm T Shirt
TC01 Cotton T-Shirt
TC01 cotton roundneck t-shirt
OT01 Oversized T-Shirt
OT02 Oversized T-Shirt
OT02 oversized t-shirt
CT52 Kids Cotton T-Shirt
KSS01 170gsm Kids T Shirt
CT54 Long Sleeve T Shirt
USS01 170gsm T Shirt
Gildan Premium Cotton 180gsm T Shirt
Gildan Softstyle 150gsm T Shirt
Gildan Ladies Premium 180gsm T Shirt
Gildan Kids Premium 180gsm T Shirt
Gildan 180gsm L.S T Shirt

Gildan Ultra 203gsm T Shirt

Gildan Ultra Long Sleeve

Gildan Hammer 210gsm  T Shirt

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The best type of  materials for t shirts and apparels that provide comfort and flexibility. Cotton t shirt are generally more comfortable and less prone to fading, able to sustain runs and pullsCotton fabric is highly regarded for its versatility and natural comfort for t shirt printing. Harvested from the cotton plant, this soft, fluffy material is used for apparel, bedding, thread, tarpaulins, towels, and many other products especially t shirt. Cultivation and use of cotton dates back to prehistoric times.

Cotton t shirts has a softer, more supple feel than polyester t shirts and is less likely to irritate the skin. Cotton t shirts is also breathable which further contributes to its comfort. For those with sensitive skin, including infants, cotton is the better choice. Towels, washcloths, underwear, sheets, and pillowcases, cotton is king.

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