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DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing Services

DTG at MonsterPrints is a newer technology t shirt printing method where printer directly applies ink onto the t shirt with inkjet printing technology. The process is very similar to printing on paper, except on a t shirt. A special printer (DTG Printer) prints your design with ink directly onto the garment in your desired design. DTG (Direct To Garment) uses specialty inks, which are printed and absorbed by the fibers of the garment, providing a seamless and vibrant coloured t shirt printing design.

The Pros

  • Gives the t shirt a professional appearance
  • Can print detailed designs and photographs
  • Extensive colour options
  • Durable
  • Ideal for small batches

The Cons

  • Not cost effective for large batches
  • Limited design placement
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Common Products

DTG printing is most commonly done on T shirts, providing a professional finish for a casual yet smart look at the same time!

Another commonly DTG printed products are Totebags! DTG prints have no limitations on colours to print and even extremely fine details can be printed, just like a regular printer printing on a piece of paper, but instead printing is done on t shirts.

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Core Qualities

  • Unique print designs

  • Sharp detailing

  • Durable life span

  • Professional looking

  • Suitable for corporate uniforms and high end apparels


Do you have a design concept for your T shirt? Let us materialize your ideas onto T shirt, call us now or leave a message via email, or any of our social media! test



Let us generate more ideas and solutions to create your ideal T-shirt. we can even assist you with editing if you need any help! We are able to help you with design and imaging assistance.


This is where our team work their magic, transforming basic T shirt into high quality & professional works of art!


Voila! Your dream t-shirt is complete! Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Singapore for orders over 200pcs! Be sure to hit a like on our social media if you like the shirt!

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