Live Event Printing

T shirt printing brought straight to your event, Live printing right on the spot!

Bringing the action right to your event! Tired of boring attractions and fringe activities? With our live printing booth, your event will be the talk of the night! Door gifts and memorabilia now with a unique twist, participants of your event get to witness not only the production, but also the design of their own giveaway item! with our latest LIVE DESIGN & PRINT, customize on a range of items such as totebags, mugs, bottles and more. 

#nationalday event @ National Museum Singapore

Customized totebags for everyone! designed personally with our designing app in our tablets, simple and user friendly even for kids! 


Live Design and Print is an exclusive and premium live event printing service that allow guests to get their custom merchandise printed. With every individual’s creativity, our app allows participants to create and design their very own memorabilia to bring home! No two items are created identically, every piece is hand designed, every clipart is fixated and adjusted based on each individual’s liking. Don’t forget to add in your own name or quote too! choose from a range of fonts and colours!

Customizable products include totebag, t-shirts, mugs, bottles & more!


  • 3 MonsterPrints Crew

  • 2 tablets

  • 1 Printer

  • 2 Heatpresses
  • Full clean up and tear down supplies.


  • 3 Dedicated power outlet connected to a 14+ AMP breaker for each printing station.

  • 3m x 2m space.

#HONDA CR-V car launch

Live Heat transfer printing onto tote bags with a selection from 2 designs.


Suitable for customization of personalized names and numbers to be printed on the t-shirt

Heat transfer printing can be done onto t-shirts LIVE on-site at your event to customize participants personal names and choice of numbers, this is especially suitable for sports events. Creating uniquely customized jerseys will definitely be a memorable piece of gift to bring home!

Picture transfers can also be done LIVE at your event! presets and designs are to be provided by the organizers so that we can prepare the prints beforehand! Any image is possible, with no limitations on the design, literally picture transfer!

#webinar event @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Live Silkscreen printing onto t-shirts for participants, with total of 4 different colours to choose from.

Silkscreen Live Event Printing Station

Live Screen Printing is half on-site screen print-shop and half-life of the party. During the printing process, the party guest gets to select a shirt, the designs, the placement of designs, and then watch as their creation comes to life. While the process for each shirt only takes a matter of minutes, no two shirts are truly the same.

Live Screen Printing creates an immediate buzz and becomes the centre of attraction for any event. Party guests have been known to wait for over an hour in line for their chance at a custom T-shirt. With a variety of the best up and coming graphic designers and artists to choose from, MonsterPrints can create up to 4 custom designs and logos ahead of time for your event. These designs become the basis for the T-shirts and can be used by party guests in an endless number of combinations to create their custom T-shirt.


As every event has it’s own unique requirements, we do not go by package prices.

Every event that we take on is bespoke and tailored according to your needs (quantity to print/extent of customization). LIVE event print stations are limited but not restricted to only t-shirts and tote bags. We are open to your suggestions on the items you want your specially designed logo/slogan to be printed on. T-shirts, Tote bags, caps, pouches, drawstring bags and more! the possibilities are endless!

If you have any special requests feel free to contact us to find out more on how we can accommodate to your special needs.

Get your custom print today!