You might come across this question in your head when you are looking to print t shirts in singapore, usually for a certain purpose. Depending on the usage purpose your choice on cotton or dri fit t shirts will be different. cotton t shirts have been around since… forever? And it is no question that most garments and apparels are made out of cotton or at least a blend on mixed fabric with cotton. to determine which fabric to choose, we must first layout the different pros and cons of both types of material and match it against your usage purpose.

T Shirt Printing Singapore – DRI FIT T SHIRTS


Drifit also known as polyester/microfibre t shirts are made to be extremely durable against wear and tear, making them extremely suitable for outdoor and heavy activities. Polyester based materials are also more wrinkle resistant as compared to cotton based t shirts, allowing users to not worry about wearing wrinkled and crumpled clothing without ironing them after wash. Generally much lasting as compared to cotton t shirts.


Polyester based t shirts might not be the most comfortable of clothes, as it takes away the softness of cotton fabric. Many brands do not like how the material feels, unless they’re fitness brands such as nike/adidas, polyester fabric takes away the premium touch from the t shirt.



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T Shirt Printing Singapore – Cotton T Shirts


Cotton t shirts are extremely comfortable for everyday wear being very breathable and soft, it is usually suitable to most dyes to produce a wide range of colours. Cotton fabrics are much easier to remove stains and dirt as compared to dri fit (aka polyester) shirts. Cotton t shirts are most commonly used for retail for brands to utilize t shirts to carry their brands.


Cotton t shirts tend to be unable to retain it’s shape after frequent and multiple usage over time and washes. Cotton t shirts are known to shrink after a first wash and it has troubled many when deciding on sizes to proceed with. Cotton t shirts tend to also be subjected to more wear and tear as compared to polyester based fabrics.



Choose cotton t shirts if you rank comfort and style above all other purposes. Cotton t shirts definitely feels softer than polyester based t shirt, and even looks more premium. especially when you wanna start your own brand or even just a shirt to represent your company in an event, cotton t shirts are the way to go!


The perfect material for outdoors and for heavy activity use. If you’re looking to print t shirts for a soccer team, then dri fit is the way to go. Drif fit t shirts are also commonly used for outdoor events and uniforms for company shirts usually for a specific outdoor activity.
A good rule of thumb is that 100% cotton t shirts can be printed using most textile silkscreen printing inks water based or even plastisol. But, if you’ll be printing on dri fit t shirts or polyester blends you will need to check with the manufacturer of your ink or your screen print supplier to make sure you’re good to go in the ink department.
Ultimately, there is not one right answer when it comes to what is the “best” material for apparel. There are multiple pros and cons to each type of garment, so it’s a matter of weighing what’s most important to you and going from there. Make a note of what you like and dislike about a particular garment and brand to keep track of what works and what doesn’t!
In the world of blank apparel and it’s infinite options, having a general understanding of the differences between cotton and polyester will save you many headaches in the future.