LIVE T SHIRT PRINTING Customized Name & No.

The¬†World Rugby Sevens Series¬†an annual series of¬†tournaments by¬†World Rugby¬†featuring national sevens teams. Originally known as the¬†IRB World Sevens Series, but has been known officially as the¬†HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series¬†since 2014 due to sponsorship from banking group¬†HSBC. For this year’s 2018 season,¬†Monsterprints were invited down to have a booth set up at their VIP lounge for LIVE t shirt printing for the customization of t shirts with personalized names and number exactly like a jersey! Customized printed jerseys with names and numbers printed definitely adds another layer of value than just a plain jersey to bring home.


Monsterprints were tasked to customized 1000~1200 t shirts over the 2day event, which was quite a huge feat as each t shirt was to be customized individually to each VIP. Material of the shirt was also honeycomb based polo t shirt which required a slightly longer time to print as compared to 100% polyester t shirt.
All the alphabets and numbers that were going to be printed onto the shirts were precut and prepared prior to the event to ensure that we hit the quota of at least 1000 shirts out of the whole event. This took approximately 1 full week of preparation in order to ensure the procedures of the LIVE t shirt printing to be smooth sailing without any hiccups.


Surprisingly just within the first day we had completed customization of over 700pcs of printed t shirts¬†by #teammonster! Although surprising, it was mainly due to our preparation and meticulous planning on the main SOPs for the actual day to ensure a smooth and efficient result on the actual event. Due to the incredible feat, the guys @ hsbc were extremely impressed and requested for more manpower for the second day to print even more t shirts! In the 2 day event, over 1400pcs of t shirts were customized LIVE at the event which we hope to see more VIPs rep the t shirt in next year’s rugby 7 2019!

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