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ilight marina bay 2018 lights up from 9th March to 1st April for the sixth time. the sustainable light festival organised and curated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority features art installations that infuses the use of light from both local and international artists. focusing on sustainability, the art installations were designed to be energy saving and made with eco friendly materials.




The shirts were done with only heat transfer printing technique to produce the multi coloured artwork design on the the front of the t shirt. with full coloured artwork heat transfer method, all the little details and gradient colours were able to be produced and printed onto the t shirt.

The rest of the t shirt gets brighter print treatment as the front and back word titles were printed using also heat transfer method, but with a reflective vinyl which has been a rise in recent trends. to be in theme with the brightly lit we were given a task to recommend the type of print to be done. the first idea that comes to mind would definitely be a glow in the dark print for the t shirts, however after much thought, we felt that the glow of the printed t shirts might be shadowed under the bright lights of the art installations. instead, we finalized and decided to proceed with reflective heat transfer printing. the reflective print on the t shirt reflects very brightly with the lights from the art installations which worked out perfectly!

It was more than just another job task that was handed to us, we definitely enjoyed printing the t shirt when we saw the finished printed t shirt that turned out so attractive and eye catching