Supercool drifit t shirt printed with multi colour silkscreen printing

Prime fight gym is a muay thai gym located at 27 Guillemard Road. They needed training shirts that will suit their line of activity. They look for us for t shirt design and a t shirt that not only is light and breathable, but also able to sustain high amounts of friction with high physical activities. We recommended one of our most popular material selection, the drifit supercool t shirt, which is an drifit interlock variant that is extra soft and breathable. Available in one of our microfibre t shirt series here. 

The Logo Design

Prime Fight Gym Logo 300x300

It’s a simple looking yet impactful fist with another shade of grey to create depth and contrast to the simple design. The gym’s name is punched right in the middle with a red fill, further adding contrast to the overall design, allowing the gym’s name to pop out attracting more attention.

The supplementary designs on the other print areas of the shirt are in single colour black which is much subtle and do not take away the attention off the main logo design, which is great while still delivering the message and shouting out the gym’s name.




Choice of print will definitely be silkscreen printing as it is much lighter in weight and breathable compared to heat transfer (vinyl). Silkscreen printing also allows accurate colours to be printed, creating a more premium look to the t shirt. Screen printed t-shirts produces superb quality t-shirt prints in terms of sharpness and colour vibrance, without neglecting the life span and durability of the t-shirt print.