A fun sized zip pouch that’s totally cute and practical, a perfect gift for door gifts and events! 10oz canvas will definitely endure the test of time and become a long lasting utility pouch no matter what the purpose of usage, from pencil case, travel pouch, make up bag or even just for a cute memorabilia.
The design is based off of a series on mediacorp OKTO Whoopie’s World. A series based on author Adeline Foo’s Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous. Mei, the protagonist secretly sets up a V-log Whoopie’s World. Whoopie becomes a BIG STAR but can Mei live with the consequences?

Whoopie World 300x169


Whoopie’s World is a Vlog secretly set up by Lee Mei Mei, an 11-year-old trying to find herself amidst growing pains. Assisted by her loyal sidekick of a brother, Mei becomes Whoopie; a tweenie role model who champions social causes and defends the underdog. When Whoopie’s World becomes a BIG HIT, Mei has to decide if she wants to come clean about her newfound identity with her parents and best friend. When fame gets out of hand, will Mei, or rather Whoopie, be able to deal with the sacrifice and ensuing fallout?  (


The print method for such a multi coloured design requires heat transfer printing with heat transfer paper. The printing process of transfer paper involves a printer (often an inkjet printer), transfer paper and a heat press machine. The artwork will first be done digitally on a software and sent to a printer. Printer will then proceed to print the artwork onto the transfer paper. the print will be placed on a shirt and printed using a heat press. Medium pressure should be used for transfer paper printing and temperature ranging from 160’C to 180’C depending on the type of transfer paper used.


The print design is based off of the new logo for the sequel, “whoopie’s world 2” which should be airing in the second half of this year! If you haven’t catch the first season be sure to watch it on toggle!

Hard Work with Whoopie World