Customized printing on bottles and mugs can be done with different techniques based on the different requirements of the desired end product.

One of the most commonly used methods to print on bottles and mugs is with heat transfer sublimation printing. This allows the transfer of multi coloured designs onto the product. using a printed special sublimation transfer medium with sublimation ink. Once the image is printed on the transfer medium, it will be then again transferred onto the product using a heat press.

Special heat press machines are required to fit the shape of the bottle or mug. This is not possible with the conventional heat press machine for t-shirts, as the shape of bottles and mugs are cylindrical, a special heat press that wraps around the product is required.

IMG 20200123 230509 scaled.jpg
IMG 20200123 230509 1 scaled.jpg

The other print method for pritning on such products is by the silkscreen printing method. Which is a much faster process, with a shorter turn lead time and is able to be done on colour bottles. However, print colours are limited to only 1colour prints.

Customized printing of bottles can also be done live with our live design & printing booth where participants are able to customize and design their own merchandize.

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