Ultra instinct t shirt scaled

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Due to our limited materials that we have instock now, we are only able to fulfil around 6~10pcs. once sold out, we will recreate the product by pre order.

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What’s next?

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This t-shirt is made out of boredom during this downtime, everyone has been stuck at home and alot of business are forced to shut their doors for the greater good of containing the virus.

I put thought into the design and thought about how can I enhance the effect of ultra instinct if I were to print the design onto a t-shirt. The hair, eyebrows, and the iris of the eye is cropped out and printed with a highly reflective 3M vinyl.

3M reflective vinyl are highly reflective when a strong light sorce is pointed at it. used typically for work vest for workers who work in the dark for safety issues. with this reflective effect, the design definitely pops especially when in the dark when the sun sets. The print can also be slightly reflective in the day as well at certain angles!

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Here’s a close up of how the print looks like, a torchlight is switched on midway into the video to showcase the reflective effect of the print.