Class T-Shirt Designs

Class T-Shirt Designs in Singapore

With a diverse team boasting extensive experience in custom uniform manufacturing, we at Monster Prints are devoted to excellence. Our investments in high-quality machines, strong processes, continuous training of the team, and team engagement are highlights of our commitment to quality uniforms. This dedication has earned us the reputation of being the reliable class t-shirt supplier in Singapore.

As a respected supplier and producer of custom and pre-made T-shirts, we excel in the industry. Our offerings include personalized t-shirt design, embroidery, and printing, all executed with a dedicated focus on quality and efficiency.

High-quality printing for Class T-shirts

At Monster Prints, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service for printing your class t-shirts and events. Using the latest printing technology and high-quality materials, we guarantee vivid colors and long-lasting durability for your class t-shirts, ensuring they stand out. Whether it’s for everyday wear, school events, or team-building activities, our t-shirt printing solutions are crafted to suit your needs without overwhelming you.

From meticulous attention to the smallest details to handling large-scale orders, we possess all the resources necessary to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.

Trust us for all your class t-shirt printing needs, and experience the difference in quality and service.

Benefits of Personalized Class T-Shirts

Unity and Identity

Class t-shirts in Singapore create unity among students, helping them feel connected and working together.

Sense of Belonging

Owning matching t-shirts makes students feel more exclusive, as if they’re part of a close-knit group, boosting their self-esteem.

Memorable Experience

Class t-shirts serve as keepsakes, reminding students of their school years and the friendships formed.

Promotes School Spirit

Sporting customized class t-shirts promotes a sense of pride and school spirit, uplifting morale and excitement among students.

Encourages Teamwork

Collaborating in the design process promotes teamwork and allows students to express their creativity collectively.


They provide a comfortable and casual attire option for school events, field trips, and outings, creating a cohesive look for the class.

Discover the Perfect Printing Method for Your Class T-shirts with Monster Prints!

Are you gearing up to design class t-shirts for your school or university event? When choosing the right method of printing, you are going to ensure that all of your designs come out looking very vibrant and professional.

At Monster Prints, we understand the importance of quality and offer various printing methods to suit your needs. Here’s a guide to help you select the perfect printing method for your class t-shirts:

Screen Printing
Screen Printing: Screen printing is an excellent choice for bulk orders featuring uncomplicated designs. It delivers vivid hues and durable outcomes that make it ideal for showcasing striking class emblems or mascots with longevity.
Digital Printing
Digital Printing: For intricate designs or smaller orders, digital printing offers flexibility and detail. It’s a great choice for personalized names or photos on class shirts.
Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer: From small to large orders, heat transfer printing offers durability and versatility. Mainly focusing on multi-color designs, heat transfer printing is cost-effective and permits the placing of logos or graphics where they belong.


Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: The process of printing complex designs directly onto the garment for quality results, without any limit in colors.

Steps to Order Custom Made Class T-Shirts Online in Singapore

If you want to customize your class t-shirt design in Singapore, just pick the product you like, and we’ll design it for you!

step 1


Select material base for t-shirts.

step 2


Choose a tipping color combination for design accents.

step 3


Send your logo to the printing company.

step 4


Wait for the response with a mock-up of your design.

step 5


Review and approve the mock-up.

step 6


Place the order once the design is finalized.

Get your custom print today!